Welcome To The Jungle

Here I am in Thailand exploring the trails. This is my first test run here and it was interesting. The trail signs are a little bit so so and that resulted in a run that turned into a rock climb. That’s when I understood I was on the wrong trail so I ran back and got on the right one. Had a steep climb up and a really tricky descent, sweating like a pig in the Thai humidity. In other words a perfect morning run.

Even though I am on vacation with my family here in Thailand, I have to keep running. I have to keep pushing myself if I want to finish the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run RUN2. The humidity has reached 79%, with a temperature of almost 30° C (86° F). Running in heat and high humidity is always a challenge, and the mindset plays an important roll. As important as it is to always stay hydrated while running, you have to adjust your goals and expectations and plan route accordingly. Altough, with insufficient signs, the planning doesn't really help.

I will keep you all updated with my training while I am in Thailand. Don't forget to follow Push For Kids on Instagram and on Facebook.


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